Current projects

– Ecology of haloalkaliphilic sulfur bacteria (PARASOL)
– Genomics and proteomics of sulfur bacteria
– Sequencing the genomes of 100 Thioalkalivibrio strains
– Developing novels means to isolate marine microorganisms (MaCuMBA)
– Exploring microbial diversity for extension of the boundaries of biopolymer production using parallel cultivation (ExploDiv)

– Microbial ecology of stratified freshwater lakes

Finished projects

– Metagenomics for the discovery of novel biocatalysts (Be-BASIC)
– Microbiologically induced corrosion of steel structures in Port Environments (MICSIPE)

– Microbiology of the alkaline Cedar Spring
– Biological treatment of sulfidic spent caustics under haloalkaline conditions
– Isolation of novel butanol-producing bacteria (Be-BASIC)- Metagenomics for the discovery of hydratases (Be-BASIC)
– Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
– Ecology of mixed cultures producing PHA
– Iron-oxidizing bacteria in wetlands (@NIOO)
– Ecology and physiology of Crenarchaeota (@NIOO)
– Ecology of phototrophic biofilms (PHOBIA)
– Microbial transformation of heavy metals in marine environments (TREAD)
– Micro-arrays for detection of pathogenic protozoa (MICROPAD)
– Role of microbial mats in bioremediation of hydrocarbon polluted coastal zones (MATBIOPOL)
– Diversity and function of microphytobenthos along a salinity gradient in the Westerschelde
– Microbial removal of nitrogen oxides from flue gas: The BioDenNOx-process (BIODENOX)